Choosing Plantation Shutters For Your Home

If you live in Adelaide, South Australia, you may be looking for the right type of Plantation Shutters Adelaide to suit your needs. You can find many different types of these window treatments, and the quality and price vary. For example, there are traditional, timeless, or contemporary styles. In addition, you can find new innovative products, such as the Clever Curtain and Veri Shades, which combine the flexibility of vertical blinds with the elegance of a sheer curtain. Finally, if you need a high-security installation, Stan Bond has won the National Security Screen Association’s Best Commercial Installation Award for an exceptional installation. They worked with UniSA Design Construct to install Crimsafe screens in an unusual structure. Buy plantation shutters at


Stan Bond

A family-owned South Australian business for 50 years, Stan Bond specialises in value for money blinds, awnings and security products. With a reputation for innovative solutions, Stan Bond goes the extra mile to ensure its customers are happy. So whether you want a stylish contemporary home or a warm, welcoming retreat, Stan Bond can deliver your vision. They are a one-stop-shop for all your window dressing needs, from the smallest detail to the largest installation. Buy plantation shutters at



When choosing timber shutters, look for the type made from the highly durable, lightweight Paulownia tree. This highly sustainable wood boasts a straight grain and high silica content, which makes it an ideal material for shutters. The timber is also strong and resistant to decay and pests, and its low-movement characteristics make it a perfect choice for shutters. The best part is that it’s not endangered, either.



Depending on your home’s decor, you may want to consider choosing hardwood plantation shutters. These types of shutters are often made from basswood, maple, or poplar. Basswood is a lighter, more stable hardwood, and its fine pores make it a suitable choice for staining or painting. Although lighter than oak and maple, poplar is often a more expensive option. Fortunately, there are plenty of quality timber shutters made from these materials, and they are typically much more durable than lesser wood varieties.



There are several reasons why people choose PVC plantation shutters Adelaide. Unlike aluminium shutters, PVC will not rust or warp. They are durable and look like real wood. In addition to their aesthetics, PVC shutters are also easier to clean. They are available in various colours and patterns, including oak, maple, cherry, walnut, and black. Choosing the right shutter material can help you enjoy your new shutters for many years. Buy plantation shutters at


Traditional hinges

There are two types of traditional hinges for plantation shutters Adelaide. The first type is known as mortised and is similar to that of a front door. It has a small offset between the flags and is installed on the backside of the shutter panels. Because of this offset, it does not require a mortise in the shutter panel, and the hinge is installed directly on the panel itself. Another type known as Clearview is the best option if you wish to maintain an uninterrupted view.


Aluminium Louvre

Considering investing in a high-quality aluminium louvre plantation shutter for your home, this product has a few benefits. One of the most notable benefits of aluminium louvre plantation shutters is the low maintenance. These shutters are designed to last for years and are made from durable aluminium. Secondly, aluminium is lightweight, so they’re easy to clean.


Wooden Louvre

If you’re looking for custom-made plantation shutters Adelaide, you’ve come to the right place. Hundreds of companies offer this type of window treatment, and each company has several styles and sizes to choose from. Before purchasing, it’s important to measure your window and determine how many louvres you’ll need. Choose a unit with more louvres for an updated look if your window is large. Otherwise, choose shutters with smaller louvres if you want a more traditional look. Buy plantation shutters at


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